For customers who do not receive emails from our store

【please confirm】

If you do not receive emails from our store (order confirmation email, shipping completion email, inquiry confirmation email, inquiry reply)

We always send a reply email to customers who contact us.
There may be one of the following reasons why you may not receive an email from our store.

◆ Cases where the email is sorted into your spam folder Please check your spam folder. In particular, customers using mobile phone addresses or free addresses (,, may not have received the email, so please check.

◆ Cases where the email address is entered incorrectly when making an inquiry There seem to be many cases where the domain ".ne." and ".co." are entered incorrectly.

◆When using free email ( / /, etc.) Emails from our store may be judged as spam and sorted into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder and set it to exclude emails from our store from spam.

◆ Cases where emails are sorted as spam by the functions of your email software or anti-virus software Depending on the settings of your email software or anti-virus software, it may be automatically sorted as spam. If you are using this feature, please configure your settings to exclude email notifications from our store from your spam list.

◆ Case of being blocked by the provider's spam service Depending on the provider, a free service to block spam may be set as standard. Please check with your provider.

◆ Cases where the maximum capacity of your mailbox has been exceeded If you are using an email service that has a maximum capacity limit, you may not be able to receive emails if you have exceeded the email storage capacity. In this case, you can receive the mail by deleting some unnecessary or old mail to increase the capacity and then receiving the mail again.

◆ Cases where you do not receive emails from our company due to "Email Rejection Settings"

Please set your domain so that you can receive emails from us ( ).