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NECTAROME / ネクタローム

[Outlet] NECTAROME Rose Water (lotion) 20ml

[Outlet] NECTAROME Rose Water (lotion) 20ml

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[Outlet] We offer products without boxes, with damaged boxes, and products that have been manufactured for two years at very reasonable prices.

[NECTAROME] Rose water

Cares for rough skin and dehydrated skin - Creates moisturized and firm skin A lotion made from fresh damask roses exposed to the Moroccan sun For dry skin that has become rough due to stress or an irregular lifestyle. Care from the base.
Restore fresh skin and keep it moisturized. Rose water has an astringent effect that tightens the skin and calms hot flashes after sunburn.
With continued use, you can adjust the pH value of your skin and restore your skin to its original natural appearance.
In addition, the natural damask rose scent helps to balance the autonomic nervous system and hormones, making it ideal for stress management.

Tightening, relaxing, dry skin measures

<Skin type>
Dry skin, combination skin, normal skin, oily skin, aging skin, troubled skin

Natural damask rose scent (no synthetic fragrances)


Light-shielding glass bottle/push type/cap

Face care, neck care, body care, hair care

<Recommended frequency of use>
Twice a day: Morning (after washing your face) and evening (after showering or bathing)

<Country of origin>


<JAN code>
20ml 4589864726104
100ml 4589864726111

Rosa Damascena Flower Water / Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid *Contains to preserve the product

●When the bottle is empty, remove the cap and use the remaining lotion.
●After opening, we recommend that you use it up within six months to prevent oxidation.
●Please store in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight below 40℃.
●Please store out of reach of children.
●If it gets into your eyes, be sure to rinse thoroughly with running water immediately.
●If it does not suit your skin, stop using it and consult a doctor.
●Efficacy and effectiveness vary from person to person.

<About the outer box>
The product is air-freighted from Morocco, but due to the color and nature of the outer box, there may be some scratches during transportation. Please note that this does not affect the bottle or quality of the contents.

<About the product label>
The back of the bottle and the back of the outer box are written in Japanese, but the label on the front of the bottle is written in either Japanese, English, or French.

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