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NECTAROME / ネクタローム

NECTAROME Organic Argan Oil (organic certified by Ecocert/USDA) 100ml

NECTAROME Organic Argan Oil (organic certified by Ecocert/USDA) 100ml

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《お得な定期お届け便》オーガニック・アルガンオイル 100ml
Great value regular delivery - NECTAROME Organic Argan Oil

[NECTAROME] Organic argan oil 100ml

<What is argan oil? >
Argan oil is a natural oil extracted from the seeds of the argan tree and is native to Morocco. It is expected to have various beauty effects such as moisturizing, anti-aging care, and hair treatment. As it is an organic product, it does not contain any chemical additives or synthetic ingredients.

<History of argan oil>
Argan oil has been used for beauty and health by the Berber people of Morocco since ancient times. As the demand for organic products increased, there was a need to provide safer and purer argan oil, and we began exporting it to Europe.

<Effects of argan oil>
- Can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including moisturizing the face and body, hair treatment, and nail and heel care.
・When you use it, your skin becomes soft and your hair becomes moist and shiny.
-Protects skin and hair from dryness and supports a healthy appearance.

<Recommended usage>
- Apply directly to face and body and massage.
-Apply a small amount to hair and scalp before and after shampooing.
・Apply to dry nails and heels for care.

<Recommended for these people>
・Those with dry or sensitive skin ・Those concerned about skin aging
Those whose hair tends to become dry
Those who prefer organic products

<What's the difference? Nectarome Organic Argan Oil>
・Obtained “ORGANIC COSMOS” certification from the French organic certification “ECOCERT” and organic certification “USDA” from the United States Department of Agriculture ・Uses a light-shielding bottle to prevent oxidation and deterioration ・ISO22716 (International quality standard for cosmetics) Manufactured in a certified factory / Adopted by royal families and famous hotels around the world / Cold press method / Unrefined (commercialized without destroying beauty ingredients)
・The founder is a doctor of herbal medicine, pharmacist, and professor at Marrakech University.

``Genuine argan oil'' creates an ideal moisturizing environment for your skin and hair.

Nectarome's argan oil has the highest quality out of eight quality ranks. We have obtained the "ORGANIC COSMOS" certification from France's ECOCERT, which is said to be the world's most difficult organic certification, and the USDA organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture. Argan oil is a versatile oil that can be used not only for the face but also for the hair, scalp, lips, nails, body, limbs, and entire body. It can be used on all skin types, including dry, normal, combination, oily, troubled, and sensitive skin.

Nectarome's beauty oils are also used by famous hotels around the world.

It has also been featured in famous magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, and Figaro.

<Skin type>
Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, aged skin, normal skin

Odorless to slight nutty scent


Light-shielding glass bottle, push type, cap (biodegradable plastic)

Face care, neck care, body care, massage, foot care, nail care, scalp care, hair care, delicate zone care, lips care

<Country of origin>


<JAN code>
20ml 4589864726357
45ml 4589864726364
100ml 4589864726340

Argania Spinousa Oil

<About use>
●Please use as soon as possible after opening.
●Please place it out of reach of infants.
●If it gets into your eyes, be sure to rinse thoroughly with running water immediately.
●If it does not suit your skin, stop using it and consult a doctor.
●Efficacy and effectiveness vary from person to person.

●Push the pump firmly with your index finger.
●If the bottle is empty, remove the cap and use the remaining oil.

<About the outer box>
The product is air-freighted from Morocco, but due to the color and nature of the outer box, there may be some scratches during transportation. Please note that this does not affect the bottle or quality of the contents.

<About the product label>
The back of the bottle and the back of the outer box are written in Japanese, but the label on the front of the bottle is written in either Japanese, English, or French.

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